About Us

Grassy Ridge Coffee was born from our trouble in finding freshly roasted coffee options. We are passionate about coffee and enjoy the experience of crafting the perfect cup. In speaking with others, we found another problem. Much like with choosing wine, many don’t understand the different options that are available. Our goal is learn what each of our customers love and deliver the best, perfectly roasted coffee from around the world that matches their preferences.

Jeff and Dorinda Rainey started this company together. We love coffee, our community and the outdoors. A third goal that we will be working toward is giving back to preserve the marvelous outdoor destinations in the Southern Appalachians. We grew up in these mountains and have seen traffic to these spots increase over the years ( which is great ). We want to help fund efforts by others to make this traffic more sustainable so they are around for generations to come. We will share our progress on this with our customers and hopefully introduce you to a few new gems to visit.